Flameproofing in Chicago, IL

Our careful professionals use DuPont X-12 Flame Fire Retardant to perform flameproofing in addition to professional drapery cleaning services. By flameproofing your fabrics, we can help to make your business, church, school or home a safer place to spend time. We complete the flameproofing process in a timely manner.

As you can see in the photos to the right, the flameproofing services performed by American Drapery Cleaners & Flameproofing, Inc., allowed this stage curtain to survive the burning of the building around it. Our flameproofing services can help retard the spread of flames in the event of a catastrophic fire!

Our trustworthy staff will answer any questions that you have about our processes and materials. Call us today at (773) 472-4066, or stop in to learn more about how we can be of assistance to you.