Satisfied Drapery Cleaning & Flameproofing Clients in Chicago, Illinois


Outstanding Job

I hired this company for the tough job of cleaning and repairing my 90 year old moms drapes. The drapes were 40 years old but my mom did not want new ones. They did an incredible job of cleaning and repairing to make the drapes and shears appear like new. Other companies were afraid to touch the old drapes. VERY IMPRESSED

I recommend this company! by Linda

I feel so lucky to have found this fine company on the internet. I'm a senior citizen and am amazed that I picked this company at random with such a good result. The first person I talked to was Sandy and she made me feel so comfortable; I was worried about what the price would be to take down, clean and rehang my drapes. She assured me that I would be given an estimate to either use in shopping for another company if I didn't approve of the price or to accept the estimate and the drapes would be taken with Michael that day. I approved the price. Michael was the person who picked up the drapes and rehung them. He was efficient, kind and thorough. It was obvious he knew his business and did an outstanding job for us. I received excellent service and was given a very fair price. My drapes are so clean and it was such a pleasure doing business with this company.