Drapery Cleaning and Flameproofing in Chicago, Illinois

At American Drapery Cleaners & Flameproofing, we are a comprehensive drapery and flameproofing service caring for the needs of homeowners, businesses, churches, and schools. As your local drapery cleaners, we are able to care for specialty fabrics such as silk, velvet, brocade, and more. Our attentive customer service staff will make note of any special instructions that you have for the cleaning process.

We have been a specialty drapery cleaner since 1954 and we have been flameproofing curtains since 1958. Our product is accepted in the three most stringent states (New York, California and Illinois). Our flameproofing method complies with NFPA 701 standards. We are also able to test and certify drapes that have been previously flameproofed.
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Our dedicated and trustworthy staff at American Drapery Cleaners & Flameproofing is ready to care for all of your draperies. No job is too big for our dependable and efficient staff. Call (773) 472-4066 today, or stop by to get a free price quote for the flameproofing and cleaning of your draperies.